1. How long does battery last?

Built-in battery can be used for more than 2 years, no power needed during standby time.


2. What kind of battery does this need? Can I replace it on my own?

It uses a 3V 'coin' battery like  CR2016,CR2025. You can replace it on your own when power is used up.


3. Will the writing tablet break easily if dropped?

It does not break when dropped normally. It is very durable.


4. Does pen style stylus works with this board?

I would recommend using the stronger tip provided with the board.


5. Does it have a on/off switch?

It doesn't need one. It has a button to clear the screen.


6. Is there a magnet on the back of boards?

Some types have magnet.


7. Can I save photo in the writing tablet?

No. It does not have memory. You can take photo with your phone Or use CamScanner app to save the photo.


8. What ages are the writing tablet suitable for?

They are suitable for different ages person, even kid with one year old can use it.


9. Are the eco writing tablet safe for young children?

Yes. All the case and writing surface materials are made from impact resistant plastic which are ABS plastic material commonly used in many other consumer products. And the LCD display has passed toxicology assessment for safety.


Important Notes:

1. Working Temperature: 5-40 centigrade.
2. Don't soak in any liquid.
3. Avoid to write with sharp objects on the board to avoid collision scratch.
4. Don't disassemble the product on your own.