LCD writing board is becoming popular quietly

LCD writing tablet can not only play as a toy, but also can be used as a learning tool for writing and painting. The back can be even used as a mouse pad and ruler for some items. When you have a LCD writing tablet at home, mom and dad can write data while working, children can practice formulas or draft, baby can paint on them as they like(you don’t worry about baby drawing on wall and making them dirty). Family members can leave message on them like message notes. And you can help save paper/tree as well when using writing tablet.

The lcd writing board is actually a liquid crystal screen, it feels almost the same as your computer screen when you touch it. You can change the thickness of the line by using different strength of the press on the screen, and form a similar effect of sketch or as a blackboard. And the physical reaction is also very sensitive when you draw/paint on them. Basically there is no delay, the line moves right after the stylus tips. It feels like writing and painting on paper with the stylus.

And LCD writing board are compact to carry with, ususaly there are 8.5 inch,9.7 inch,10 inch,12 inch etc. They normally come with stylus and a protected pouch. You can easily put the pouch it in your bag and go whereever you want.

lcd writing tablet

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