LCD writing tablet makes a higher end promotional gift

When it comes to promotional gift for company promotion campaign, many guys think of keychains, umbrella, usb sticks, pen, notebooks etc. Yet these are old story known decades ago. Here comes a new idea of using LCD writing tablet as your ideal promotional gift. It can be higher end of promotion gift, and can be given away to different type of person, like kids for drawing, students for calculation, and office workers for notes taking etc.

LCD writing tablet is compact in design and sizes, and is useful and even fun also when you write, draw, count ,draft chart on them. And it is durable and rewritable,you can use one for several years if you use it properly. You can design your own package, custom your own Logo to make them suit your needs. You can start from 500 pcs each item, and each item starts from only 8USD.

LCD writing tablet is really a great higher end promotional gift, it can bring learning fun and help your company pass good influences to the users. The receivers will love them.

ECO WRITING TABLET at various sizes and colors, makes good life company for kids,students,workers etc at home,school and work place.
1. Paperless, Eco-friendly.
2. Write,Paint,Chart and Count.
3. No need to charge or connect to power.
4. Durable,light LCD writing screen,and good paper writing feeling.
5. The image/words stays as long as you need; One Button to clear all.
6. Colorful handwriting, magnet on some items make good message notes on fridge etc.
7. Sizes: 4.5″,8.5 inch,9″,9.7″,10″,12″,13 Inch etc.
8. Colors: Red,blue,Green,White,Pink,Black etc.

You can visit below for many options.

LCD Writing Tablet For Quick Note Taking

LCD Writing Tablet For Quick Note Taking

This writing tablet was designed for simple ease of use. Simply mark down your ideas or memos with its easy-use pen and watch them appear on the screen.

Simply click a button to erase your content and start with a fresh new screen. An 8.5″ display gives you plenty of room to write what you need.

This writing tablet is the high-tech solution to your note-taking needs. Never worry about leaky pens and hard-to-erase surfaces again.

This will make a perfect gift for the creative artist or hard working office geek
in your life. Supplies are limited so grab yours while this handy item still in stock!